The Food of Vigan Ilocos Sur

Cooking Class

There have been many inquiries on Vigan food so I do apologize for this overdue post. After all it did take me almost 9 hours to get  to Vigan for “the” wedding . Next time….I’d rather take the plane for just a weekend!

Here is a shortlist of the popular dishes I got to try in Ilocos Sur:

Vigan empanada  (How to make Vigan empanada):
Roll out dough wrapper  made with galapong (rice flour) and achuete oil (for the orange color).     For the filling: saute Vigan longanissa meat (longanissang hubad) with shredded green papaya and cabbage. Then add a whole egg before forming the empanada and then deep-fry. Serve with sukang ilokos (vinegar) as a dipping sauce.

The empanda vendors set-up shop at the plaza in the afternoons.

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