Ego- Time to go.

Words dipped in Happiness

Ego, the trending topic in any relationship, always becomes the reason for a relationship to face inequalities and then indifferences and then they want only one thing, independence from each other.
So where this ego comes from?
It comes from the womb of hatred, that may be on anything, your work, your state of mind, or your partner’s popularity (in some cases). But remember, you can never clap with one hand. So one of them has to try to maintain the relationship by assessing the situations. Keep out the negative thoughts. Never let them come inside the mind. Because it rules over the heart and may destroy love from it. ONLY WHAT YOU EAT WITH YOUR MOUTH, REACHES YOUR STOMACH.

So we have to try to understand the position of our loved ones, try to control their anger, their depression show love to them, don’t let them feel lonely. Always…

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Why I blog.

Ordinary Adventures

Welcome back! I’m glad you guys have stuck around. I was so happy to introduce my blog and myself this week and officially start the blogging experience. Yet I feel like the meaning behind this blog and what I really plan on using it for is still a little hazy. So, I was excited when I was challenged to open up and share why I blog.

My dear friend Moriah over at Untidy Grace wrote a lovely post about why she blogs. As something like a mentor in the blogging sphere to me, I was interested when she reached out and dared me to write my own piece. I hope that not only does this help me arrange my own thoughts, but it will also help you all know what to look forward to here at Ordinary Adventures.

I blog because I want to change. As I talked about earlier this…

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