10 Ways Marissa Mayer Is Reinventing Yahoo


Yup, we have talked about her before.

For nearly three years, CEO Marissa Mayer has tried to reinvent Yahoo, the Web search and services company that reigned supreme in the early days of the Internet. But the incredible growth of Google’s search engine and Web advertising business drained away revenue that once would have been Yahoo’s. Mayer, a former senior Google executive, was recruited to put Yahoo back on track to growth. Reviews are mixed on Mayer’s performance so far. Some have said that Mayer has done little to fix Yahoo’s fundamental issues, pointing to the company’s poor financials and falling search ad revenue. Still others note that it took turnaround experts, including Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, several years before they could truly make a difference in their ailing companies. Despite the criticism, Mayer is persevering with a strategy she believes will lead to future success. This slide show…

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By the Mighty Mumford


(Or himself)

Temptation came out of the blue,

One slip of letters will do…

And yes—he returned

To be further burned–

But he wish it hadn’t gotten through!

Ashamed to be found in his weakness,

By someone who his kind seekest…

Traveling near an edge,

Slipping off a near pledge,

He didn’t run as he ought from that weakness!

–Jonathan Caswell

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CSX, Louisville & Indiana close pact on corridor upgrade

CSX Corp. and the Louisville & Indiana Railroad (L&I) have finalized an an agreement that grants the Class I a permanent easement to operate over the short line’s 106-mile corridor between Indianapolis and Louisville, Ky.

In addition to CSX’s $10 million purchase of the easement, the two railroads closed an operating agreement that calls for an additional $90 million in improvements to the track structure and right of way along the route, CSX and L&I officials said in a joint press release issued on Friday.

The CSX investment will enhance rail access for the Port of Indiana-Jeffersonville, and increase capacity and efficiency along the corridor, said CSX President and Chief Operating Officer Oscar Munoz.

“These critical infrastructure improvements include the installation of new rail, upgrades to the rail bed structure and bridge improvements to enhance safety and service for customers in the Midwest and provide more efficient rail service throughout the region,” he said.

About 20 miles of new rail will be installed along the line’s southern portion over the next several months.

In April, the Surface Transportation Board approved a joint proposal by CSX and L&I — an Anacostia Rail Holdings subsidiary— to upgrade the corridor between Indianapolis and Louisville.


“Since 2011, both L&I and CSX have coordinated with state and local officials to discuss the upgrade of the line to support manufacturers, farmers, marine ports and other contributors to the area’s economic growth,” said L&I President John Goldman. “As we undertake the first phase of construction, we will continue to collaborate with local officials to plan and execute construction activities to minimize disruptions to communities along the corridor.”

My Favourite Highlight & Contour Products

Gemma Plumb

Highlight and contour products

Ahh.. the famous Kardashian Kontour..(see what I did there, eh?) You either love it or hate it but one thing you can deny is Kim Kardashian really rocks it! As much as some people hate to admit it, Kim is a major style icon of our time and other than a few hiccups along the way she’s pretty bang on trend!  She’s brought contouring out the the drag shaped hole it lived in and into the mainstream makeup brands, where both cream and powder contour shades are in abundance.

As someone who discovered contouring a few years ago, I’ve narrowed my extensive highlight and contour products down to just a few of my absolute favourites!

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City Color Be Matte Blush- Blackberry



Another amazing 5 Below deal: City Color Be Matte Blush (Blackberry). This great find was only $4, so I thought I would give it a try after seeing a very positive review of it from my favorite YouTube beauty guru, Emily Noel. I have a bit of a fear of really bright blushes (I think I just need more practice with them), so I opted for this muted pink shade, Blackberry. This blush feels like velvet; it has a simply amazing texture that makes it very easy to blend out, and creates a very beautiful color on the cheeks. It is definitely matte; I had never tried a truly matte blush before, and now I am hooked. This blush is extremely pigmented-it requires a light hand with application, at least for me, because I have very light skin. Overall, I am extremely satisfied with this product, and of course, at…

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My first visit to Aspidistra Nursery March 2013

Picture Perfect Memories for life


On 14 March 2013 I had my first visit to Aspidistra Nursery near Stellenbosch. I was not feeling myself but I did not leave my camera at home either. I only took a few shots hear and there. To be honest I think if I took photo’s of everything that caught my eye I’ll still be clicking away….


Willie Schmidt get’s these statues from a man (sorry for the death of me I cannot remember his name) and then he sells it for him in his nursery. Each and every statue is unique and there are not two that looks the same. Willie also brought under our attention that if you look at the statue’s you will see the angels different expressions…





Willie uses anything he can get as a decoration in his garden and he encourages you to recycle your old pots, pans, tins, suitcases, bicycles, baths, shovels and…

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