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I’ve always fancied myself a Samantha: confident, sexual, dominant, and un-apologetically vulgar as fuck. Well, the humiliating, gut wrenching break-up tonight definitely showed me that I am Carrie Bradshaw. Even as I type this on my Macbook, I am smoking a cigarette and drinking a rum and coke (out of a wine glass, because I am a classy bitch). The break-up was painfully similar to the wedding scene from the SATC movie; the man I loved turned one of the happiest times of my life into the most miserable. So naturally tonight, I got shit-housed beyond belief and went to a nightclub with a couple friends. How shit-housed? Well, when a poor innocent soul had the nerve to hit on me, I slurred, “My fiancé just dumped me tonight. I have a whole wedding planned. All I need is a groom- just a…

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Mac lip liner dupes (NYX edition) 


Just a mini blog tonight because I’m exhausted after having lots of fun with the kids today in the sun!

So basically I love lip liners. I love how they can change the shape of your mouth instantly without any effort. I really love all of the Mac range but like I said in my lipstick dupe post, I just can’t afford to buy them all the time.

So as time as gone by, I’ve tried lots of different cheaper brands to see if I can find some similar colours. Now obviously I only wear certain shades of lippy, so can only comment on the ones I’ve tried but in almost certain there will be a dupe for every shade they stock.

NYX seem to be the favourite so far, which Helps because I adore anything by them. So here’s a few I’ve tried and tested, I wish I had…

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He could see the birds in the distance

flying and landing

surprised at the number gathered

far more than usual

also an odd glowing cloud hovered

at first was not bothered!

Had come to the park near the sea

as he did every morning

but had never witnessed anything

so mesmerizing and bizarre

he was going towards it the sound

so loud his ears did pound!

Now in the cloud was able to see

dark shapes swooping

the pain as they attacked pecking

other forms approached

he began to run his arms flaying

here did not intend staying!

Exhausted his energy was drained

it was clear yet still

high above the birds made it dark

injured could only lay

through closing eyes the birds left

he body was bereft!

There was not a  sign of any birds

the sky was pure

he was found on the beach below

the high crumbling cliff

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Blog Stalking // Sea of Shoes.

Ordinary Adventures

I am a very new fan and stalker of Jane Aldridge’s blog, Sea of Shoes. I actually came across it through Bloglovin just this past weekend. But I literally, instantly fell head over heals in love with the twenty-three year old’s website. Since then I have spent an exorbitant amount of time browsing through her hundreds of pages of unique and awesome style, and honestly, I’m still trying to get over her hair. It is perfect.

When I went all the way back to the start to her very first posts, I saw just how much Jane’s blog and style had transformed and evolved over the years. In the past eight years, she has come out as her own amazing model, fashion icon, and photographer. She has made an incredible life and blog since then, and I am so glad I get to stalk through it.

Unfortunately there isn’t…

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