Rimmel Kate Lipstick

Amiable Charm

The packaging, it’s always the packaging! It always  draws me into buying a product that I don’t want or need. So what did I pick up this time while I was at the drugstore?


Rimmel’s Kate lipstick, I know it’s not the most stunning packaging you’ve ever seen, but I love the look of it for some reason. It was just calling my name.


I got this lipstick in the color 08 which is a pretty pinky mauve, or my-lips-but-better color. This lipstick is nice, especially for it being a drugstore lipstick. It was easy to put on and has a demi-matte finish. However, this lipstick does travel outside the lines so if you get it I would purchase a lip liner to go with it.

This lipstick is really nice for everyday and it’s a good quality product, but I feel like there are better lipsticks than this…

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Quiet time = Impossible 


I’m super sorry I’ve been so quiet this past week, the kids have got me demented (damn you summer holidays).

I literally have zero time to myself, so I’m finding it difficult to be able to blog at the minute but I will try and do a few beauty reviews this week when I eventually get around to it. I have a few other items and companies that I want to talk about too, so hopefully at some point this week I may actually get some time to do it!

This house has been full of tantrums/meltdowns/fighting/crying and I’m EXHAUSTED.

It’s really difficult keeping both the kids entertained because they like different things. I don’t get out a lot due to Harri not really coping well outdoors (ASD and sensory issues) and I really struggle when I’m on my own.

I really feel the need for some time to meditate…

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Dark Rain Ahead, Hummingbird

O at the Edges

Dark Rain Ahead, Hummingbird

The black-chinned hummer buzzes my flowered shirt,
bringing to mind the letter H, its history of an inferior life among

letters, and a Phoenician origin signifying fence.

An aspirate dependent upon others, or a line strung between posts,

even whispered, H does not contain itself.
Disconsolate or annoyed, the bird moves on.

Do names depend upon the power of symbols, or do they power the symbols?

In the 6th century A.D., Priscian disparaged H, saying it existed only to accompany.

Clouds shade the way.
The black-chin extends its grooved tongue at a rate of 15 licks per second.

Alone, the H’s voice is barely audible.

Through the trees, across the crushed rock driveway and beyond the barbed wire

and chain link, I hear deadfall snapping under hooves.
At rest, its heart beats an average of 480 beats per minute.

Modern Greek denies its existence.

Say khet…

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Japanese Food

The Amazing Travels


It’s amazing how the Japanese, skilled in the arts, technology and trade, had also mastered the art of food dynamics. Japanese cuisine is reflective of a resolute quest for perfection: the ingredients are of high quality; layers of flavors are created without using too many spices thus emphasizing the natural goodness of the ingredients; the food presentation is a work of art, emphasizing on the natural beauty of the ingredients. There is a harmonious balance of texture, color, shape, and flavor.

Because delectable food with a sensational visual appeal triggers a wave of dopamines, our savoring faculties are enhanced…and heightens our dining experience. The exceptional palatability transforms a simple meal into a more pleasurable moment.

It’s not at all surprising that Tokyo has been labeled as “the food capital of the world”… and Michelin, giving Tokyo the most stars, vividly validates this.

Here are some of the Japanese dishes I…

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