Review: Innisfree Longwear Cushion in #23 True Beige


After I saw Pony (from Pony’s Beauty Diary) use this cushion BB cream, I knew I had to get it. Pony is a really famous makeup artist from Korea and she makes great YouTube videos. She is so flawless and her makeup skills are beyond amazing. Go check her out, you’ll definitely enjoy it!

Cushion BB creams are one of the newer form of base products where the liquid/cream is kept under a spongy surface and requires pressure for it to be pushed out. A specially made makeup sponge is used to pick up product so that it can be patted all over the face. There are two cushions by Innisfree, a longwear and a waterglow one. Depending on your skin type and personal preference, you can choose whichever one is more suitable for you. I have oily skin especially in the warmer months so I opted for the longwear cushion…

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