Linux Mint – NFS file sharing made simple

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If you have a wireless router in your home setup, you can use nfs to open up your foldes to your internal network. This is pretty straight forward:

Serverside, using the pc you want to share your files with:

Press CTRL + ALT + T to open linux command line.

When there enter root or use sudo infront of every command:

$ su : enter your password when asked.
$ aptitude install nfs-kernel nfs-common : enter Y if asked

find the ip range you want to share, look at the ip of your wireless network card using command:
edit the /etc/exports file for the nfs server:

$ ifconfig : remember the IP
$ nano /etc/exports

if your ip adress started with 10.0.0 append following line to /etc/exports

This will share your folder to everyone on network range from, (rw) stands for read and write to folders/files


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Mirror and her

The Falling Thoughts

Mirror was talking to itself

I have seen many people in my life

Fat, skinny, pretty and ugly

Men, women, boys and girls

I was never surprised

Until I saw her and I forgot to reflect

I heard humans are very beautiful creatures

But I don’t think she was a human

Her blue eyes are like two stars

Her body was smoking like a cuban cigar

She was not from this planet

She was a fairy, she was an angel

Everyone thinks that I am fragile

She is the one who is supposed to be fragile

So sensitive and handle with care

I saw her just for a moment

And I lived all of my life

Just in that moment!

Now i have a desire for

To be in a thousand pieces

And in every piece of mine

I could hold her for one moment


© 2015 thefallingthoughts All…

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Cheers you guys :)

Ollie and Emma - The Series


Just hit our first 100 likes and we wanted to express our gratitude to everyone who has stopped by!

Right now we are working with our executive producer at Less Bland Productions in cooperation with our own team to secure the best budget for our project and Cheri and Tom have been working on setting up the first series so that everything is ready to go when filming commences!

It has been so exciting to be connecting with people all over the world with this blog! Thank you for supporting independent artists!

The Ollie and Emma gang

Thank you for supporting independant artists!

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