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Over in the garden under a tree.

I saw some fuzzy caterpillars, one, two three.

Over in the garden, underneath the moon.

Each caterpillar spun herself a wonderful cocoon.

Over in the garden, right before my eyes.

Those caterpillars all turned into lovely butterflies”

~Caterpillar Garden by Helen H. Moore

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Is it worth the hype?: Nars Orgasm Blush ♡

I wrote a post similar to this about the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer and thought i’d write a follow up post about another hyped up product and that is the Nars Orgasm blush. I brought this in New York in April and it’s been on a long journey, in-between being thrown about in luggage and my clumsy self dropping it looks a little bit worse for wear. It’s been broken then fixed so I apologise for the way it looks, it’s not an accurate representation of what a healthy Nars blush looks like but it’s what’s inside that counts! This blush is undoubtedly a cult classic, even before I was into makeup i’d heard of this blush so good things were to be expected.

When this was released way back in spring 1999 (I was only 5!) it was described as a ‘suit-all blush-highlighter hybrid’ and this is seems to be very…

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Natural Eyes Dupe?

Amiable Charm

So as most of you know I was in Canada for a little while, and while I was there I of course had to pick up some goodies! One of the goodies I picked up was this palette called Natural eyes from hard candy, mostly because it looked like an exact dupe for the Natural eyes palette from Too Faced.

natural eyes dupe

Honestly I’m so glad I picked this up! I heard about it from one of my favorite YouTubers Jambeauty89 AKA Jessica Murphy… who just got married so I guess it’s actually Jessica Braun now. She is so amazing and always gives her honest opinion even if she is a sponsor for someone. Whenever she says she loves something I always end up loving it too, so make sure to go check her out! Anyway, let’s get onto this palette.


My main focus is going to be on the dupe/less…

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How should I know when I meet a Christian?


These days it seems that the vast majority of people I run into that claim to be Christians simply are not..

What are they anyway?

Simply a person who attempts to live a good life?  Really, this is a pathetic definition of the most apologetic variety, in such a case every religion and even the irreligious (of which I count myself as one) contain Christians.  I think for now this type definition can be dismissed as so watery it has lost all import.  There is also the logical back-step (modus tollens) that those who are not Christians are not trying to live a good life.  This section make up most of the people that want to argue with an Anti-Theist, for the life of me I can not understand this as they ought know they are simply to pathetic to argue with.  I liken this to the spiritual person who…

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