Which Samples are Your Best Investment?

Micki Allen

Samples are a very important component of your Avon business because they are really effective for building customer loyalty. It makes your current customers feel special and WHO DOESN’T LOVE FREE? People love free stuff! There are so many options Avon gives us as far as samples go; but it can be costly if we don’t do our research and get the best bang for our buck. I like to buy samples that are plentiful, economical, and are sure to win repeat customers.


IMPORTANT NOTE: I always staple or paperclip them to their invoice. Dropping samples at the bottom of a bag (like the picture above) is NOT effective. If offering a vial fragrance sample, I put it in a little treat bag with a business card, a piece of candy or a small bag of nuts, and a “Just for You!” sticker stapled to the invoice, which implies…

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