Baking Your Face?!

Greasepaint & Good Times

We need to talk about face ‘baking’

Not so much a new skill, but one that has recently come to the public’s attention in the beauty world over the past few years is the ‘baking’ technique. Used mainly by drag queens and celebrity makeup artists, baking (or cooking, as it’s sometimes known) is the technique of using a lot of fine, loose powder to set your foundation and/or concealer by packing it onto your face with a sponge and brushing off the excess. Sounds and looks quite scary, but it’s actually super easy and provides a beautiful, highlighted look not unfamiliar to Kim Kardashian. Take a look at how I fared with it:

The first step was to apply a base. I applied my usual POREfressional Face Primer by Benefit, X-Ceptional Wear foundation and Click’n’ Concealer, both by GOSH. I blended this all into my face, making sure I focused…

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