My first visit to Aspidistra Nursery March 2013

Making Picture-Perfect Memories for life


On 14 March 2013 I had my first visit to Aspidistra Nursery near Stellenbosch. I was not feeling myself but I did not leave my camera at home either. I only took a few shots hear and there. To be honest I think if I took photo’s of everything that caught my eye I’ll still be clicking away….


Willie Schmidt get’s these statues from a man (sorry for the death of me I cannot remember his name) and then he sells it for him in his nursery. Each and every statue is unique and there are not two that looks the same. Willie also brought under our attention that if you look at the statue’s you will see the angels different expressions…





Willie uses anything he can get as a decoration in his garden and he encourages you to recycle your old pots, pans, tins, suitcases, bicycles, baths, shovels and…

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