Cohabitation (long-term): Why will women and men not commit?


Cohabitation (long-term):   Why will women and men not commit?

Hey everyone,

Let’s dispel the myth that many of us encountered in early childhood “fairy tales” (do fairies really exist?): . . . . “and they lived happily ever after.”

Only in fairy tales (or perhaps in romantic dreams) do the lovers (spouses) live happily ever after.  Human beings, being as they are very imperfect in character, are not capable of living happily ever after with each other.  Marriage is a tough (difficult) proposition to be sure.  But, as Nietzsche said “anything worth having is worth working for”.

Many young and not so young couples choose to live together (co-habitate) rather than get married.  And, in many, many cases, the co-habitation is long-term for several years.  After several years of living together, many of these couples will decide they are really ready to get married.  They feel  ready to make a formal…

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