Passenger 1956: All Kinds Of Cool Stuff On Eastern Railroads, even “Travel Tailored Schedule Plan”


Recently I was searching for a reference on the New York Central about “Travel Tailored Schedule Plan”. Could not find anything except the The Pennsylvania Railroad Technical & Historical Society All other years in Pennsylvania RR history are available.
Now, the greatest thing! They cover news about other railroads the PRR once owned or merged with. Let’s start with the reference I was looking for:

October 28, 1956 After a 2-year study, the New York Central introduces its “Travel Tailored Schedule Plan”, an attempt to rationalize local and medium distance passenger service. The plan features short, fast trains with no head-end cars and few sleepers. Intermediate stops at smaller stations are curtailed.

Jan. 1, 1956 Perlman changes NYC organization of Transportation, Maintenance of Way and Maintenance of Equipment from its traditional departmental form with vertical lines of authority to line-and-staff system used on PRR…

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