Compression garments: do they actually work? 

Is it healthful?

What do pregnant women, athletes in training and people on long haul flights have in common? Apart from the likelihood of suffering nausea along the journey, the link is compression tights – wearing compression tights specifically. So are compression garments healthful, or are they merely overpriced, ultra-tight pants that would make the most groin grabbingly restrictive jeggings blush? Well this might depend on who you are.


Compression garments reduce post-exercise muscle soreness (DOMS), increase muscle strength and power moderately for 72-hours following exercise – meaning they do not directly improve performance during sport (1). However, the moderate effect on post-exercise recovery may enhance training performance during this time, thus indirectly improving sport performance in the future. Get it? So do I.

Pregnant women:

Compression tights improve leg symptoms, such as heaviness, pain and numbness experienced during pregnancy, but do not alter leg swelling or the presence of…

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