Every girls dream.

Hannah Crossley

A shop full of candles & perfumes, every girls dream? Well it’s certainly mine. Jo Malone has to be my all time favourite in the candle and perfume category & who’s introduced it to me? My gorgeous mummy, Pomegranate Noir scent is her. Recently I finished one of my top three scented candle ‘Incense & Embers’  which I have a blog post about here & thought I’d do a post on my top favourite scents by Jo Malone.


Of course I’m going to start with Pomegranate Noir which you can get here, I own the candle sadly not the perfume. I only burn this on VERY special occasions (yes I’m very sad I know) as I never want it to run out! Soon as I lift the lid of this the amazing fruity smell. If you like the smell of plums & raspberries then this is the one for…

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