Amsterdam, Chuctanunda and Northern Railroad R.I.P.?


Yesterday I got some sad news from our good friend Gino DiCarlo. The little railroad that went up the hill in Amsterdam, New York has lost it’s only customer. The railroad was officially named the Amsterdam, Chuctanunda and Northern Railroad. It is known as the Kellogg Industrial or by CSX Rail as “CP-173 -to- QCG1.60”. It leaves the CSX (with Amtrak) “Chicago Line”, climbs a steep hill, and even has a “switch back”. More details on it later, for now, the loss of THE CUSTOMER.

More than 100 workers in Amsterdam, New York will lose their jobs in the coming months. One of the city’s manufacturers is closing its doors.

This week, Fiber Glass Industries, Inc. announced that both its Amsterdam plants will close in the next 90 to 120 days.

In a release, FGI Chairman John Menzel, who would not speak about the closure, blamed competition from foreign…

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